Responsive Design

Responsive Design makes your website accessible from any device

Responsive Design is a Standard in 2015!

The days of designing a website for a desktop computer or laptop are gone. People are now accessing websites using tablets, phones and other devices. Responsive Design makes sure your viewers can view your website no matter what device they are using. A responsive website actually “responds” to the device the viewer is using and displays the website for that screen size without the user having to re-size the screen manually.


A website that has been designed correctly will adapt to the screen size of the device viewing it. This is accomplished by basing the layout on a fluid, proportion-based grid using percentages instead of pixels like fixed size websites do. Images and content must also be based on percentages to make sure everything fits and looks right on different size screens. CSS media queries are used to style the website to all the different screens and browsers being targeted.



Will a responsive website work on every device and smartphone?

A responsive website will display on every smartphone, tablet, computer or other device. The beauty of having a website that is responsive is that it will adapt to the screen size and display on all different devices. Smartphones, tablet, laptop and desktop computer sizes are the basic and most common sizes targeted, but by using CSS Media Queries it is easy to target any screen size possible. It is also great to have a website that looks the same across all sizes. It is important to have a uniform and recognizable website on all browsers and devices.


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