Improve Website Speed

Make sure your WordPress Website is running at top speed!

How fast does your website load?

Most website owners have never tested their website speed, but we can guarantee that your visitors can tell how quickly or slowly it loads.

Websites that take more than a few seconds to load are quickly abandoned for a faster website. Visitors that are accessing your website on a mobile device will wait around even less time than those visiting from desktop computers.


What can The WP Wiz do to make my website load faster?

The first step is to test your websites load speed to get an exact idea of how quickly your website loads. We can run a thorough analysis and pinpoint things we can do to improve overall speed. Minimizing CSS & Javascript files, optimizing images and setting up caching on your website are just a few things we can do to make your website load faster!


What is considered a fast load speed for a website?

Our goal is to always have your website load in under 3 seconds. Best case scenario we will shoot for a load speed that is under 2 seconds. Every website is different, but our team has been able to have websites load in under 1 second.


If you want more information about improving your websites speed call The WP Wiz at 925-344-1737!