WordPress Website Redesign

Is your website out of date? | Are you using WordPress? | Need a mobile friendly version?

Are you looking for a Website Redesign?

– Is your website not mobile friendly?

– Tired of paying your web guy for quick updates?

– Want to learn how to update your own website?

The WP Wiz is here to help! If your website is not up to par and not competing well in 2016 then it is time to redesign your website. It is recommended to update your website every 2-4 years as trends change and technology has to adapt. Websites have changed drastically and if your website is not easy to use and maintain, mobile friendly or responsive, doesn’t rank well in the search engines or just needs as overhaul we are here to help. Give us a call today at 925-344-1737 and get started today. We offer designs up front before any development begins and work to make it just right.


WordPress Website Redesign

Contact The WP Wiz today to have your website re-designed by calling 925-344-1737!

Our WordPress Website Redesign team is ready to bring your current website up to date and have it being found! In the web design industry the technologies change very rapidly. Things that were considered new and exciting just a few years ago have now been replaced. If your website is not mobile friendly, apple & all browser compatible then it is time to upgrade.