Mobile Website Design

All websites designed by The WP Wiz are fully responsive!

Having a mobile website or version of your website is growing more and more important.

The number of people accessing the internet with their cell phones is growing at an outstanding rate.

Mobile Web Design makes sure that all the people looking for your website on a smartphone will find you and have a good experience while on your site. Mobile websites are designed to fit on small screens and offer a better user experience versus having to pinch and zoom to navigate your website.


A mobile website will use the same content, but changes the layout and adjusts the size and placement of certain elements. Navigation menus will change, text will be bigger and images need to be re-sized. If a website is not mobile friendly then the user will have to pinch and zoom to be able to see anything.



Have an amazing website, but a terrible mobile user experience?

Mobile device users cannot be overlooked or ignored anymore. If they don’t have a good experience trying to navigate your website then it is unlikely they will not return or recommend your website. It is important for any website to cater to the mobile community and offer websites that focus on the user’s experience. This will help people to return to your site and recommend you.


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