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WordPress Websites are what we do best!

We specialize in taking any theme, including custom WordPress Websites / themes and getting it built to your liking.

For the past few years, The WP Wiz has been working/tweaking/modifying and improving WordPress Websites. There are many third party websites including WordPress.org where you can download WordPress themes. These ‘themes’ control the look and feel of the website while the ‘core’ files of WordPress control the way it functions. The backend of WordPress, the Dashboard, is known for being very easy to use allowing clients to be able to be their own webmasters once their website is built!

Let The WP Wiz take your vision and turn it into reality.


WordPress now powers over 60 million websites and that number continues to grow. It is important to hire someone who knows the platform inside and out. Give The WP Wiz a call today for a free WordPress Website consultation at 925-344-1737!


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WordPress Websites work great for all businesses!


• Photography

• Construction Companies

• Small Businesses

• Private Practices

• Medical Offices

• Agencies

• Schools

• And More!


WordPress is the most popular content management system available today.

It is popular for a number of reasons including being extremely versatile and capable of powering websites of any size. It is also very popular because of how simple it is to update or change the content on the website without touching any code. WordPress offers a powerful admin area that allows the website owner to update all the content available on the website.


It makes sense to utilize the endless possibilities that are available when running a website on WordPress. The design possibilities are endless and the built in and available functionality is unmatched in the CMS arena. The other reason for the success that WordPress has achieved is how simple it is for the client to edit, update or change almost all of the content, images and page layout on their website. WordPress is as easy to use as Microsoft Word and everything from being able to create new pages or posts, write new content or add images, change menus and edit pages are all just a few clicks away. With a training session included in the service I know that anyone can learn to be a webmaster.


WordPress gives you the power to update and control the content on your website!

WordPress was created back in 2003. Since then WordPress has grown to be powerful enough to handle almost any website product and allows for endless design and layout possibilities. Being able to hand over complete control of a website to a client and training them on how to work with and expand that site leads to more people being their own web master. Passing the ability to maintain a website over to a client is something that has not been realistic up until recently and WordPress makes it so simple to do that anyone can learn in a short period of time. It would be almost impossible to train a client how to do even simple changes to a static website without knowing some HTML and CSS. With WordPress everything can be done in the back end admin area without knowing or touching any code in such a way it is as easy as using Microsoft Word. I strongly encourage anyone that needs a website or is interested in learning more to take the time to understand what WordPress can do for them.


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